Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
Open studio believe that every brand has a unique story to tell and that design is the most powerful way to tell it.
H&M Mitte Garten

In October 2019, H&M launches a first of its kind branding flagship store – H&M Mitte Garten in Berlin. The store is the smallest yet and a hyperlocal neighbourhood store for the Mitte crowd.
H&M Take Care

A new concept we have developed together with H&M. It’s a step towards a more sustainable future where H&M inspire the customers to take better care of their fashion favorites. Repair, remake and refresh!

H&M Brand Identity

In close collaboration with H&M creative lead we have developed the total look and feel of H&M globally through all touch points. We have defined and designed a new and coherent look that will work equally good in digital as in physical channels in all 69 markets.
& Other Stories

Open Studio Sara Hildén Bengtsson created & Other Stories for H&M Group. A concept by women for women.
Bar Central

To demanding Stockholm restaurant guests the notions ”Eastern Europe” and ”great food” were not automatically synonymous. Our challenge was to find a fresh, modern and tasteful angle without losing connection to Bar Central’s geographical roots.

Positano is an Italian bar at NK in Stockholm. The name comes from the small lemon cultivating village by the Amalfi coast that is said to be both the happiest and weirdest place on earth.

H&M Sergels Torg

In December 2019 H&M launched an updated store experience at Sergels Torg, Stockholm.

Brand identity


In the former workingclass area Hornstull in Stockholm one can find Tjoget – a restaurant, wine bodega and coctail bar. It’s Sweden’s best bar that in 2019 was named 37th best bar worldwide. The most literal interpretation of the name Tjoget is the number 20, which the identity dramatises throughout.
H&M Neo

In November 2017 H&M launched a brand new store experience with the mission to create a ‘neighbourhood store’ for the local customer.

Robert Rudinski

A visual identity and packaging concept for a new, premium Hungarian brandy produced in 6 different flavours for the North European market. Crochet and brandy are two typical Hungarian crafts. By weaving them both together, we wanted to emphasize the craftsmanship and quality of the brand and the brandy.
Beijing 8

Bringing a part of modern China to Europe, Beijing8 is a fusion of Nordic urban style and Chinese vibrant colors and taste.
Dear Tea Society

“Welcome to Dear Tea Society, a gathering of individuals from all walks of life brought together by our love of tea. We offer sustainably sourced organic black, green and white teas as well as infusions. We believe there’s a tea for every individual, meal and situation and have named all our teas after our members. Happy to be your cup of tea.”

30% of all cultivated fruit are wasted. Rscued is on a mission to change that, collecting discarded raw fruit and saving it. All of Rescued’s products are made from fruit that could not be sold because of beauty spots such as the wrong shape, color, size or just a small bruise.

The visual identity with its’ pictograms and image style makes the invisible product visible, a product that is otherwise only paid attention to the few times it doesn’t come through.