Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
Robert Rudinski
Hand crafted fruit brandy from Hungary

Our mission was to create a visual identity and packaging concept for a new, premium Hungarian brandy produced in 6 different flavours for the North European market. Crochet and brandy are two typical Hungarian crafts. By weaving them both together, we wanted to emphasize the craftsmanship and quality of the brand and the brandy.

By creating something really special, we wanted to make a statement in the bar shelves around Sweden. Each label is hand crocheted and the product information is written on a letterpress printed sealing. The cork is hammered down by the producer himself.

The result is a unique solution in a designworld where everything has already been done. The first year edition of 1200 bottles was sold out within the first weeks. Numerous design magazines and blogs, such as Wallpaper, have featured the design. Stockholm´s top bartenders, for once found themselves in a queue, to get a hold of the brandy.

Client: Robert Rudinski

Collaborations: Robert Rudinski/Bohman + Sjöstrand/Sitback Studios

Scope: Brand platform/Concept development/Design platform/Visual identity/Packaging design/Web interface