Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm

In November 2020 the energy company St1 launched a new on-the-road food stop. There are four stops to start with, three in Stockholm and one in Varberg.

The mission was to create a ’pause on the road’ with great snacks, food and beverages.

Open Studio was assigned to develop the overall identity concept, exterior and interior architecture, signage and packaging. Planning and strategy in collaboration with Garbergs. Working with both design and architecture made it possible to create a strong and coherent concept, that will be rolled out in 104 places in Sweden.

The concept idea is based on the travelers need for a pause. ’Urban Picnic’ is our overall idea that sets the tone for how we choose materials and how we name colors. Our red is tomato, our green is kale. And of course our black is licorice.

Extra attention was put to the toilets to create a special concept. Illustrated animals, trees and flowers from Sweden’s 25 provinces makes an extraordinary toilet experience. Illustrations are made in-house at Open Studio.

Client: St1/ PLOQ

Collaborations: Garbergs/ Perfecta/ Expedit/ Brand Factory/ Focus Neo/ Kanozi

Scope: Planning/ Strategy/ Visual identity/ Image style/ Exterior architecture/ Interior architecture/ Architectual drawings/ Illustration/ Interior and exterior signage/ Entrances and navigation/ In store communication system/ Staff clothing/ Shopping bags/ To-Go packaging/ Product packaging