Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
Female Engineering is a new femtech brand developed by Lindex underwear experts together with scientists and material pioneers. A result of a collaboration between brilliant women, on a mission to change our lives, and our planet, for the the better.
By adding innovation to their knowledge of making underwear Female Engineering have set the path towards a future where female products can be a change-maker in women’s lives. For Female Engineering femtech is about real people with real needs. A human solution where science and engineering plays a crucial part in their goal to reinvent female freedom.

Client: Female Engineering by Lindex

Collaborations: Photographer & Director Frida-My / Photographer Line Persson / Social media strategist Paulina Modlitba

Scope: Brand platform & concept / Naming / Visual identity / In store concept / Social media strategy / Image & film concept and production / Packaging concept and design / Web design / Content production / Final art