Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm

The identity of Tjoget dramatises the most literal interpretation of the name: the number 20. Everything in the restaurant is continuously numbered and regulars will keep finding new numbers as time goes by. In menus the drinks and dishes are numbered 1-20 and after 20 the numbering starts over. Each menu may thus have several of ”number 3” which is a pain in the ass for both guests and staff and makes for misunderstandings and topics for conversation.

Material wise the graphic identity is as beautifully ugly as the interior – leather, plastic, paper clips, rubber bands and paper. Material costs turned out to be more expensive than estimated since the menus more often than not finds new partners in the bar, that they shortly after go home with. We want to believe this is because of their looks.

Client: Tjougogruppen

Collaborations: Architect Arrhov Frick / Sign Production Skyltgruppen / Wed Development Sitback Studios

Scope: Design Platform / Visual Identity / Architecture and Interior Design / Signage / Packaging Design / / Web design