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Global Change Award

The Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation in 2015. It is one of the world’s leading challenges for early stage innovation, and the largest initiative of its kind in the fashion industry. The purpose of the Global Change Award is to accelerate the shift from a linear to a circular fashion industry, to protect the planet and our living conditions.

Open Studio had the honor to develop the design strategy and visual identity for the Global Change Award followed by a broad assignment of production. In the design platform we wanted to combine the power of innovation with a belief in the creativity of the human mind, communicating the magnitude of change in the fashion world. The basic circular shape became a core design element that recurs regardless communication channel symbolizing what the challenge is all about and what needs to be achieved.

Client: H&M Foundation

Collaborations: Photographer Frida-My/Set designer Emilie Florin/Copywriter Emi Gunér/The Talent Group/Composer Oliver Josh Reid/Red Pipe Studios/No Ordinary Concept among others

Scope: Design strategy and platform/Visual identity and design manual/Tone of voice/Social media strategy/Film production/Still life production/Social media content/Illustration/Animation/Printed matter/Exhibition material and installations