Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
Open Studio is a Stockholm based independent design studio specializing in strategy and creative direction across all platforms. We collaborate with the world’s biggest brands, institutions, inspiring individuals and exciting start-ups – all open to change.

The multi-disciplinary people at Open Studio complement each other with a common interest for great ideas, strategies, brilliant crafts, innovations, sustainability and brands that are, quite simply, more human.

Together we create design as a tool for business development.
We believe in clear design systems, but to us, the idea and the concept always comes first. A strong concept is always the foundation for great design.

Open Studio’s higher purpose is to contribute to a more sustainable world. It’s a natural part of everything we do.

We are designers, architects, strategists, project managers and digital producers.

Our 6 areas of expertise:

1. Insight and strategy
Our starting point is researching and analyzing the market and customer data to find out what your customer really wants. We develop the brand platform clearly stating the brand mission, vision and values.

2. One brand – Across all platforms
We define and design the role of the brand and its potential as a 360 experience, creating brands that are always relevant. We work with developing brands through naming, brand identites, graphic identities, digital design and much more.

3. Storytelling, content and art direction
We design brands with purpose, customer connectivity and relevance, from narrative and naming, through identity and all touchpoints to enhance and optimize the customer experience.
“We think brands have to be really good storytellers. You need to figure out a way to share your story, why you exist, what you are selling and why customers should love your brand instead all the others,” says Sara Hildén Bengtsson, Creative Director.

4. Places and experiences
We design places and experiences that blend design, architecture, operations, layout, flow and efficient space planning. We bring a unique aesthetic to each client we work with, creating spaces that can evolve and develop over time.

5. Products and packaging
In close collaboration with our clients we develop products and packaging design. We always challenge the status quo to make outstanding design.
“What we produce, how and what we make, and what we waste, is a question of quality” says Karin Ahlgren.

6. Implementation and production
We work closely with our clients, producers, partners, contractors and construction teams through the lifeline of a project to ensure that the integrity of the design is maintained, and projects are seamlessly managed and produced. Always commercially viable, detailed and delivered at any scale.

Although all projects are different, our workflow tends to break down into three clear stages. Define, design, do. Let us know if you’d like to hear more about how we work.