We are an independent design, retail and concept studio based in Stockholm, Malmö and Paris. Our scope is to help our clients to become more interesting and trustworthy in the eyes of their customers. We are specialized in creating and developing brands, visual identities, spaces, products and packaging through strategy, design, curiosity and craftsmanship.

Our Stockholm office is located in a Palace from the 17th century.
Gold on the walls and angels in the ceiling is our constant inspiration.

At our offices in central Stockholm, Malmö and Paris, we are dedicated designers, architects, strategists, account managers and developers constantly challenging ourselves. We help our clients throughout the whole design process: Brand insight, brand platform, naming, design strategy, brand and design hierarchy, visual identity design or concept design, packaging design and production. To ensure quality and deliverables we follow our work process in three phases. Throughout the whole process we always work in close collaboration with our client.


Our process has evolved out of extensive experience and it’s tailored to fit each new assignment.
Three fundamental steps make up the basis for solid and long lasting design- and concept solutions.


Initially, we want to know everything there is to know. Sometimes, insight is already at hand. If not, we help identify and specify exactly what needs to be done to achieve the best possible outcome. A brand platform clearly stating the brand mission, vision and values is a crucial tool when creating the trademark and visual identity. Over the years, we’ve created our own successful method for developing brand platforms. Defining target groups, analysing competitors, setting benchmarks and making an inventory of design needs are all vital parts of the discovery process.


Once there is a comprehensive brand platform, we combine it with business insights to create a design strategy and design platform that will form the basis for the creative work to follow. An overall idea is developed and presented. The idea is always thoroughly tried and tested to make sure it meets the most important touch points.


After approval, the design, concept development and production phase starts. We are fully engaged throughout the whole development and production phase making sure we’re allocating the right personal resources at the right time.

Over the years we have been fortunate to work in close collaboration with many different clients, both domestic and international, in many different fields. As a result, we’ve gained insights into many fields, and even more importantly, we’ve made a lot of friends. Our experiences range from small startups to leading international brands. And we just love this range of collaborations:

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