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H&M Mitte Garten

In October 2019, H&M launches a first of its kind branding flagship store – H&M Mitte Garten in Berlin. The store is the smallest yet and a hyperlocal neighbourhood store for the Mitte crowd. The concept is based on the fantastic garden in the backyard. Greenery and gravel is brought into the store to create an indoor/outdoor feeling. Assortment, collaborations, vintage clothing, café, events and activities etc. is handpicked and curated to fit the local customer.

Fashion shoots is made in and around the store by a super small team with two Open Studio employees and H&M visual merchandiser. The time from planning, execution and images in store is done within less than a week.

Client: H&M Laboratory/ H&M Germany

Collaborations: Out of Use Berlin/Daluma Natural Good Nutrients/Expo image and more

Scope: Store concept development/Naming/Visual identity/Graphic design/Store design/Architecture/Packaging design/Communication/Art Direction/Fashion photography/Digital design