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Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
Bonnier Fakta is Sweden’s leading publisher for illustrated content. The publications cover a wide range of subjects including food and beverages, health and fitness, fashion and beauty, parenthood, gardening, and nature.

The letters B and F form the axis, the protruding parts, in a key with the ideological meaning that Bonnier Fakta unlocks knowledge for the reader. Bonnier Fakta shares typography and design elements with Bokförlaget Forum and Lovereads.

Client: Bonnier Fakta – part of Bonnierförlagen

Collaborations: Photographer Pelle Bergström / Motion Designer Gustav von Platen / Profilskaparen / YT-Tryck / Avisera / PG Etikett / Klippan Yllefabrik / No Ordinary Scent / Kontorsgruppen / iStore

Scope: Logotype and Visual Identity / Motion Design / Production Marketing Material / Graphic Design / Final Art

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