Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
To demanding Stockholm restaurant guests the notions ”Eastern Europe” and ”great food” were not automatically synonymous. Our challenge was to find a fresh, modern and tasteful angle without losing connection to Bar Central’s geographical roots. By addressing Swedish prejudice about Eastern Europe and turning it into something playful, we wanted to win the hearts and minds of both reviewers and guests. Using self-irony and humour, the design captures a false sense of luxury by using low-cost techniques. Therefore, the crown-logo, etiquettes, menus etc are drawn with a simple ball-pen. The interior hardwood chest panels are made of chipboard instead of mahogany.

Client: Bar Central

Collaborations: Ugly Cute / Bohman Sjöstrand / Göteborgstryckeriet

Scope: Visual Identity and Logotyope / Packaging Design / Editorial / Stationery / Motion Design / Design Manual / Final Art