Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
In 2021, the H&M Foundation changed its way of working and its focal areas – with it the narrative of what they do and who they are changed. The foundation’s focus is now on Equality and the Planet; a holistic mission with projects that have a direct connection to the fashion industry.

Open Studio’s assignment was to create a new visual identity establishing the reworked narrative of the H&M Foundation.

The visual identity is based on the dualism between Equality & Planet in relation to the fashion industry.

To emphasize humanity, the logo is drawn by hand. The capitals create a sense of impatience and urgency. As a clear contrast to the handmade logo, the Helvetica Neue typeface is simple, clear and technical. To complement Helvetica Neue, a custom-made typeface with dingbats was developed, where the playful pictograms create character while providing visual support for text and images.

The color palette consists of the opposite poles warm and cold. The warm tones symbolize equality and the social aspect, while the cold ones symbolize the planet; water, wind, land, sea and biodiversity. The colors are used to distinguish the two focus areas and to highlight current topics.

Client: H&M Foundation

Collaborations: Photographer Erik Wåhlstöm, Acne / Digital agency Divide & Conquer

Scope: Visual identity / Image concept and production / Content production