Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
Positano is an Italian bar at NK in Stockholm. The name comes from the small lemon cultivating village by the Amalfi coast that is said to be both the happiest and weirdest place on earth, which the identity was expected to dramatise. In addition to that, the name includes letters P-O-S-I-T which make up the start of the word “positive”. Unfortunately the name also includes a negation, the last two letters spell “N-O”. Hence, we had to add a compensating (YES). The rest of the identity is about lemons and handcrafts, just like the menu itself.

The handcraft behind the food and drinks are dramatised with a graphic dito, all shapes has been cut out by hand, all prints letterpress printed, crochet coasters made by hand, bottle labels attached with rubber bands, the handpicked Italian lemons are decorated with own unique stickers, furnitures’ lemon shapes has been carved by hand and so on.

The cut out lemons has been given eyes, mouths and voices of their own and together they build the identity. They tell the bar’s history slowly and illogically, like a guest in the bar who refuses to go home.

Client: Tjugogruppen

Collaborations: Monica Förster Design Studio / Wingårdh Arkitektkontor / Photographers Pelle Bergström and Fredrik Skogkvist

Scope: Design Platform / Naming / Visual Identity / Paper Art / Interior Design / Signage / Packaging Design / Web Design / Visual Expression for Social Media