Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
Biokraft transforms waste and byproducts from forestry, agriculture, and industry into liquid biogas. What would otherwise go to waste gains a new lease on life as an efficient fuel, powerful enough to propel both maritime and heavy truck transportation.

The logo emphasizes the circular nature of the company’s operations, the imagery captures the raw power the products generate, and the typography represents the sophisticated technology underlying the product’s creation. Together, they paint a portrait of a company prepared to embrace a future demanding carbon-neutral solutions.

Client: Biokraft

Collaborations: Partner agency OxKom / Planner Mikael Zetterberg / Copywriter Mattias Jersild / Photographer Richard Kail / Web Development Awave

Scope: Brand Platform / Logotype and Visual Identity / Graphic Design Manual / Art Direction / Web Design / Motion Design / Print Advertising