Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
Sedir cooks on Instagram. In a clear and easy-to-follow process, he shares both recipes and food philosophy. Through a cookbook, a grocery store (which sells the items needed to cook the recipes in the book) and a restaurant (which serves the recipes), his cooking stepped out of the internet and all the way to the taste buds of his followers.

The identity is treated like the Instagram account. The images follow the template for how images are presented on Instagram, documentary and in a clear grid that illustrates the process of how one step leads to the next. The texts that we are used to seeing placed on top of Instagram photos can be found on the physical units, on the transparent protective cover, on the two windows and on the tape that both bundles the vegetable bundles together and seals the bag in which the book is sent.

Client: Norstedt / Sedir

Collaborations: Photographer Petter Bäcklund / Stylist Hedvig Billengren / Producer Skarp Projects / Final Art Jessica Carenfelt / Prepress JK Morris / Print Livonia Print Ltd

Scope: Book Design / Visual World

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