Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
Female Engineering’s menopause bodywear is not just comfortable clothing; it is products that help women regain control over their bodies during a time when they may feel their bodies are controlling them.

To showcase this sense of empowerment, we worked together with dancers to capture the feeling of freedom and a newfound sense of self. Through their movements, we aimed to demonstrate how the bodywear can help regulate body temperature during menopause, aging, and hormone fluctuations.

Client: Female Engineering – A femtech brand på Lindex

Collaborations: Photographer Amanda Gylling / Dancers Lina, Sara & Malin / Stylist Liselotte Bramstång / HMU Yasmine Sahar / Balettakademien Stockholm / Retouch Badlands / Copywriter Amanda Hannasdotter

Scope: Concept / Production / Casting / Final Art

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