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Lotta L. is a series of premium kitchen utensils designed by food expert Lotta Lundgren for Coop. The overall idea behind the product line was to offer tools that match or exceed the quality used by professional chefs.

During the development of the collection’s 22 items, Open Studio served as a sounding board and advisor on design matters. Together with Lotta Lundgren, we created a design code of gray shades along with a yellow accent color – colors that harmonize with Coop’s green shade but are also beautiful against all ingredients.

For the packaging, a gray board, uncolored coarse cardboard, was chosen to reflect the products’ clean design.

From a sustainability perspective and to minimize material usage, each individual package was minimized.

The design of the packaging is based on the simplicity of the products and Lotta’s personal approach and humor, with her as the sender: My spatula, My large frying pan, and so on.

Instead of photographs, playful illustrations were used along with a unique recipe and care instructions for each product.

Client: Lotta Lundgren & Coop

Collaborations: Copywriter Lotta Lundgren

Scope: Logotype / Packaging Concept and Design / Illustration / In store Communication / Final Art