Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
H&M openings

Swedish fashion giant H&M has more than 5000 stores in 74 countries. All special store openings start out with a press- and VIP event. We where asked to create a VIP kit for VIP events that can be used all over the globe. Communicating H&M business idea: Fashion and quality at the best price adding an extra “need to have” touch.

Earlier each special opening had a unique VIP kit designed for each market. The new kit needed to be equally relevant and appreciated in Jakarta as in Paris.

To welcome the new H&M cities and add confidence, we made them part of a word-pattern covering the world’s finest fashion cities. Taking great care of the execution (typography, materials and printing process) we created a series of exclusive VIP packaging. The pattern forms an intriguing puzzle of the H&M world. New cities included and highlighted among the ones already existing.

Client: H&M

Scope: Concept development/Design/Final Art