Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
20-gruppen, known for acclaimed venues like Tjoget, Liebling, Paradiso, and Positano (with Tjoget being among the world’s top bars), is introducing pre-mixed cocktails. Contraband is derived from the Italian ”contrabbando,” meaning ’smuggled goods,’ discreetly referencing the American Prohibition era.

Contraband’s visual identity and packaging concept further build on the idea of contraband and what is hidden beneath the surface. The identity is held together by two visual bands that frame both the packaging and other identity carriers. Each cocktail has its own story to tell, and therefore, we have allowed the visual world to look completely different for each drink.

Client: 20-gruppen & Tapdance

Collaborations: Intern Lindy Dyvelcrona / Intern & Photographer Lise de Smet

Scope: Name / Visual Identity / Packaging Concept & Design / Illustration / Photography / Collage / Final Art