Open Studio Stockholm
Götgatan 48. 118 26 Stockholm
H&M Holiday 2019

The Holidays are a busy period. To differentiate ourselves we wanted a unique voice and a mindset that is universally true. When all retailers go big, we go small. We show the moments that truly matters. That is not the big moments. It is all the gaps between the big happenings and achievements. We call it the moments in between. The little things that seem like nothing, but in reality means everything.

Based on our idea of moments in between we art directed images for women, men, kids and Divided for all touch points.

Client: H&M

Collaboration: Photographer Sean Thomas / Photographer Adrian Levander / Stylist Lisa Lindqwister / Stylist Anna Hernandez / SoMe Strategist Helena Carlberg

Scope: Brief / Idea & Concept / Art Direction / SoMe strategy and production